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Sarah K
Office Manager

I like to describe myself as “OCD – but only at work".  Though I can be very methodical and organized when working, if you looked in the backseat of my car you would see a pile of bottles filling the wheel well that I haven’t had a chance to clean out yet.  I love working on detailed projects and making fun things happen for others. 

Sarah has been working for Cutitta Chiropractic since October 2012.  She started with our company due to her near-lifetime of experience working with the chiropractic and massage therapy communities with her mother who is the head administrator of Medical Massage International, a massage school located in her hometown Denver, Colorado.  Though she initially began by assisting with Front Office duties, she quickly moved to Community Outreach Coordinator and has now been promoted to Office Manager.  As the Community Outreach Coordinator she has developed a program donating a minimum of 20 hours a month of complimentary massage to area businesses and organizations.  In addition she oversees our charitable donations, helping us donate over $4000 worth of gift certificates and merchandise to area non-profit foundations in 2015.  Her current focus is to continue to provide educational resources to the city of Pittsburgh and help people learn how to live life pain free.

If you could have any zoo/wild animal as a pet, which would you pick?
Bear! I am a huge fan of bears.  My nickname growing up was "Sarah Bear" and I have always had an affinity for them.  
                                                                                                                                     What do you keep in the trunk of your car?                                                  
An air compressor/battery charger, more plastic bags than one should ever have, a spare jacket, supplies for work (Gift Certificates for the office, and information about our outreach programs), and depending on the week I will have a table, tent and massage chair in there too!    

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Cherry Garcia

What is your favorite board game?
I never have just one favorite. I used to work at a board game store in Denver, so my collection of favorites includes about a dozen different games.  My current favorites include Smash Up, Vici and Tsuro.
What is your favorite number?
6 - this was my jersey number in soccer until I was injured too badly to continue to compete.  I
played either left defense or stopper, and still enjoy a good game.  My first soccer coach was my grandfather and he picked the number for me - I still don't know why, other than that it was his favorite!
What is your favorite Pittsburgh Sports team?
Penguins!  I am a huge hockey fan and root for the Pens, and the Winnipeg Jets equally.  If you ever want to stop by an event and talk hockey I will be happy to waste hours of your time!
If you could take credit for
one invention (that has already been invented) which would you take credit for and why?
I would take credit for the mechanical pencil – because everyone uses them and they make life so much more convenient.  I’d like to be the person who helped everyone not have to sharpen pencils (and I’d probably be REALLY rich!)